How it Works
  • Upon submission of the questionnaire below, we will prepare a Power of Attorney form with the IRS, enabling us to pull your tax transcripts for the past three tax years (plus any additional years at your request). The form will be sent to you for e-signatures via DocuSign before being transmitted.
  • Once the Power of Attorney is on file with the IRS (takes about four weeks to process), we will pull your transcripts and tax records, which will show the tax returns filed under your name and social security number, as well as all sources of income reported to the IRS. The transcripts will also include up-to-date balances on your account for each tax year.  After reviewing your transcripts, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the results and plan next steps as needed.
  • If elected, we will also prepare and file the IRS Identity Theft Affidavit on your behalf. Again, this form would be sent to you for e-signature via DocuSign before being transmitted. This will prompt the IRS to send you an ID Number, which we must have to file your tax return for the current year. While this number is sent by mail and will delay the filing of your tax return while we await that number, the advantage of this is that anyone without that number will be unable to file a fraudulent return.
  • The fee for this service is $50 and will need to be submitted directly upon completion of the form below.