Josh Mauer

Certified Public Accountant &

Josh Mauer is a CPA that has over 20 years of experience within the areas of Tax, Accounting, Financial Planning & Analysis, Payroll, Leadership, and Executive Level Advising.  His career has ranged from small business owner/operator to fortune 500 companies.  He brings a unique combination of skill sets to our clients.  He believes in solving issues as directly as possible, taking the simple approach, and helping business owner set up plans that are achievable.  He has always been an early adopter of technology, so be prepared for him to recommend tools that would help organize, streamline, or make your business run more efficencent.

Josh has an BA in Accountancy from Missouri State University, a Master of Taxation from UMKC, and is a constant student of taxation.  He jokes that google news only give him tax news.  Considers himself and Star Wars junkie and enjoys challenging himself physically by participating in Tough Mudders and Iron Man, and biking events.  A father of two he talks too much about his kids.  In fact he talks too much all the time.  Clients have always enjoyed their time meeting and consulting with Josh.  He always tries to make the most of the time he spends with a client.

Outside the office Josh practices what he consults.  He also is a real estate investor and believes it is the average man’s best path-way to financial success and enjoys a good discussion with his clients.

Josh Mauer
Certified Public Accountant & Owner